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Miaoli Taiwan

Shitoushan - Lion Head Mountain Temple

Miaoli (Taiwan) - Miaoli, a western Taiwanese county, is one of the best travel and vacations that side of the country. It is located between Hsinchu and Taichung counties. The county plays host to 6.5 million local and international tourism visitors annually. Its main attraction is Shitoushan the other name for Lion’s Head Mountain.

Although not one of the oldest temple in Taiwan, it is a nice and interesting place to spend your day or night.

The biggest advantage enjoyed by Miaoli is its pleasant climate. The transport system in this Miaoli County is very convenient enabling you to reach your destination with great ease. Miaoli has six major tourist attractions including hot springs, wood sculpture, Tung blossoms, Hakka food, fruits, and ceramics.

If you hope to take in all of these attractions, you might want to arrange a three-day visit. In April and May of every year, there erupts a beautiful sea of Tung Blossoms all over Miaoli. Entire mountainsides are covered by snow-white blooms that reflect the tranquillity of the lakes of the county. Many people who come to Miaoli do so to behold this seasonal beauty of nature.

As a county, Miaoli has five major tourism sites. These include Dahu Strawberry Culture Park; Taian Hot Spring Scenic Area; Sanyi Wood Sculpture and Old Mountain Line Tourism Area, Nanzhuang Lion’s Head Scenic Area; and Mingle Reservoir Scenic Area. Visit any of these sites and enjoy the local Hakka cuisine, coastal recreation, aboriginal culture, festival activities, and recreational farms.

5 places to visit in Miaoli

Miaoli is a popular tourist destination that offers its visitors a number of activities to engage in. it definitely has a number of tourist attractions. From historical sites to cultural attractions, you have the opportunity to explore many places in Miaoli. When you know what to expect, you can be able to better plan your holiday activities. You will find lots of things to do in Miaoli including historical monuments and natural attractions. Here are some of the places to visit in Miaoli:

  • Lion’s Head Mountain

This mountain has the shape of a lion’s head on its northern side. The rock formations on this side have an uncanny resemblance to a mountain’s head. The popularity of this place as a tourist attraction goes back to the time of the Qing Dynasty. At that time, ancient caves and temples were considered to be among the 12 most enchanting places to tour in Taiwan.

The Lion’s Head Mountain covers the towns of Emei, Beipu, and Jhudongin Hsinchu County as well as Sanwan and Nanjhuang in Miaoli County. It has a beauty that supersedes all descriptions. That’s apart from it being a peaceful retreat for Buddhists. Lion’s Head Mountain is magnificent to see and perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Miaoli. It has a monument that’s one of the oldest temples in the whole of Taiwan. Come and see this place that provides beauty in terms of ancient architecture.

On the towering mountain is lush green vegetation punctuated with monasteries that make for great lodgings for visitors. If you are a Buddhist, come and be part of the large crowd of annual visitors that throng to Yuanguang Temple. Lion’s Head has become a famous Taiwanese tourist attraction. So why not visit it?

  • Sanyi Wood Curving Museum

To get to this museum, you have to travel to Sanyi Township, a part of Miaoli County. This is just one of the many Taiwanese museums dedicated to specific crafts to feature its people’s traditional culture. The camphor trees found in Sanyi’s mountainous areas lent credence to wood carving as a craft. The first groups of people to engage in wood carving were the Fujianese and Cantonese migrants. The museum showcases the carvings of these people to show the history of wood carving in the area. It also shows the place of wood carving in furniture making and architecture. Every summer, Miaoli takes advantage of this tradition to hold a Wood Carving Arts Festival.

  • Sheipa National Park

This park if found in the eastern swathe of Miaoli County. It is about 77,000 hectares of ponds, forests, luxurious rivers, and commanding mountains. It’s known as Sheipa because of the two most striking peaks in the area – Xueshan and Da Ba-jian Mountains. Xueshan is famous for its white caps of snow. Since it is ‘Snow Mountain’, it’s the only place in Taiwan where you will see natural snowfall. You can, therefore, come here to witness this phenomenon that’s so rare in a semi-tropical climate. Sheipa is a protected area that’s virtually undeveloped. Because of this, it allows you to see a variety of flora and fauna to your delight.

  • Tai-An hot Springs

If there are hot springs in other parts of Taiwan, what makes the ones at Tai-An special? Well, these natural springs are not just odorless but also colorless. Japanese colonizers couldn’t just have enough of it. Tai-An Township is found in the eastern part of Miaoli County. It’s basically a tiny village that is associated with the famous Taiwanese people of Atayal. Despite its Japanese fame, Tai-An is not on top of the locals’ favorite tourist destinations. You are, therefore, likely to avoid the crowds of locals that are known to throng popular tourism sites across Taiwan. If you are a tofu fan, this is where you should be headed for a holiday.

  • Shangrila Recreational Park

This amusement park is equipped with every possible recreational facility the visitors would want to use. There is a miniature village that showcases the Hakka culture complete with old Hakka style buildings. The village also has wax sculptures as well as authentic Hakka cuisine. You will enjoy the serenity of a well-maintained European garden, a restaurant, and cascading fountain. You can come here if you are on a school excursion to enjoy the best of this popular destination.

Clearly, Miaoli is the place you should think of going for a memorably exciting vacation. From great temples to hot springs, you will be spoilt for choice as to the things you can do. This is not just a place where you will leave feeling refreshed but certainly more knowledgeable.

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